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A 40-hectare platform specially designed for hazardous fluid handling and logistics
A specialist in hazardous liquid management. ALKION TERMINAL LE HAVRE stores and handles all types of chemical, petrochemical and petroleum products. The major player in the Logistics industry in the Lower Seine region. ALKION TERMINAL LE HAVRE has two terminals fitted with equipment ensuring a high level of safety.

High standards
In performing all these services, ALKION TERMINAL LE HAVRE implements proven procedures, guided by high standards of quality and safety. lt constantly adapts its facilities and procedures in response to its customers' needs.

All types of storage and handling operations
Classed as a SEVESO site. ALKION TERMINAL LE HAVRE has the technical equipment and holds the administrative authorisations required to carry out any operation on liquid products classed as hazardous: highly toxic, toxic, highly flammable, flammable or oxidizer ... The ALKION TERMINAL LE HAVRE terminals are also equipped to handle hazardous waste. Their capacity to handle large volumes puts them among the top bulk liquid storage terminals in Europe.

Key figures
400 000 m³ of storage capacity ( 500 000 m³ planned)
200 tanks from 600 to 15 000
3 200 000 tonnes handled per year
20 000 loadings of trucks performed per year
520 vessels docked for over 1 000 maritime operations per year
Over 2 000 rail tank cars handled per year
Management of road, maritime, river and rail flows
From trucks / rail tank cars / containers / barges / vessels or pipelines. Simultaneous loading/unloading of bulk lots of all sizes. Ship-to-ship, ship-to-barge, tank-to-tank transfers, etc...

Storage of bulk liquid products
All chemical, petrochemical and petroleum products classed as hazardous. Heating : up to 120°C using a heat transfer fluid. Cooling : by refrigeration units. Blending and additives of hazardous and flammable products. by circulation, by stirring. Blending with no mechanical contact, using innovative technology for highly-flammable products. Loading and unloading : using special loading arms for some sensitive products.

Monitoring facilities (SCADA). Remote control of the opening /closing of valves from the control room. Customers can track quantity of products in storage using a special website. Jetties equipped with emergency stop devices for barge unloading pumps.

Over 200 tanks in 2 terminals. Capacity : 600 to 15 000m³. Type : mild steel, stainless steel. Tank coating appropriate to stored product properties. Heat or cooling insulation on some tanks. Special protection : nitrogen blanketing, internal floating roof, desiccant. Vapour recovery : gas scrubber, gas processing (VRU). Measurement of levels : using a radar gauge.
Specialist partners to manage your specific operations from start to finish with the utmost safety

lts subsidiary CARE manages the storage of packaged products or containers
2 classified storage warehouses (1 800 and 3 600m² fitted with automatic fire detection and extinguishing systems). 1 temperature-controlled cell. Storage platform for containers of hazardous products. Storage area for temperature-controlled containers.
Its subsidiary TSN washes and decontaminates containers and tank trucks.
Heating platform for containers of all types of products. LBC Sogestrol works in partnership with a company beside TSN and CARE to repair containers.
Permits and licences
Certifications - IS0 9001 V2008 - CDI-T (Chemical Distribution Institute - Terminal) lSPS-approved jetties. Different kind of customs status. Seveso site. Site authorised to receive MARPOL 2 water (waste).
Safety as a priority
Classified Installation subject to permits and to the SEVESO directive. ALKION TERMINAL LE HAVRE implements : Rigorous procedures. An accident-prevention policy. Ongoing training for personnel. Regular audits. A continuous improvement policy for working conditions. Medical monitoring of personnel. Workplace atmosphere protection. Facilities maintenance with ongoing monitoring of equipment. Monitoring regulations. Special equipment appropriate for the products stored and handled.

Special safety equipment
Tank truck and rail tank car loading/unloading bays with fixed fire detection and extinguishing systems. Remote-controlled fire-fighting cannons to directly tackle any fire on board vessels. Personal protection equipment appropriate for the products handled. Protection of the facilities from fires through fixed and mobile fire-fighting systems.

Fire fighting and chemical risk equipment
ALKION TERMINAL LE HAVRE has its own fire-fighting facilities and highly-qualified and regularly-trained personnel. Self-contained fire-fighting network (1 500 m³/h). Unlimited fire-fighting water pumped directly from the Le Havre Great Channel. Special foaming agent reserves for any large-scale incidents. Fire-fighting trucks and long-range fire-fighting cannon with high flow rate. Training platform for exercises and simulations with real fires. Frequent fire-fighting and incident management exercises.
Minimising any environmental impact 4 areas of action

Water treatment carried out by a classified facility subject to permit. This facility treats water from: vessels (MARPOL 2), classified facilities outside the site, tanks (washing water and process water), from the soiled rainwater network. It has the highest authorisation level from the French Water Agency for discharge into the environment.

Reduction of emissions from volatile products (VOC) by adapting the facilities to the products being handled, using low emissions pumps, internal floating roof and a gas processing unit (VRU).

Loading and storage areas are product proof. The quality of the site's underground water is monitored.

Facilities and procedures designed to reduce the amount of waste produced. Waste removed by approved centres.

Key figures
30 simulation operations per year
20 drills in the incident management room per year
60 % of personnel trained in Workplace First Aid